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The power of the creator classes and the fervour of fans continues unabated and although the web has democratised the creative process and streaming services have restored the music industry’s revenue base, the artists themselves continue to struggle and with all this technology we have only been treading water.

Unique software tokens (Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs) are a new building block for media networks and marketplaces to grant true ownership to their fan bases and thereby smoothly transition through the following critical phases :

  • Acquiring the right customers or fans
  • Removing fee…

Government funds will save jobs, preserve innovation and deliver returns

Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash

I have spent more than 25 years hell-bent on building and then backing globally ambitious startups from Europe, often with my brothers Charlie and William. Both of our parents came from Australia and we grew up helping out with their small services businesses. For much of my memory, they both operated out of their respective apartments. All the rage these days.

Over the past 15 years I have ridden out both the dot com crash and the financial crisis as a founder and leader in two software startups whose products…

Fabric Ventures is excited to back the Messari team in their latest $4M round — official announcement by Messari.

Folks forget the legal battles that took place concerning the use, management and development of the Internet to ensure that it could be the neutral global utility, something that nonetheless it barely manages to be today. With the rise of networks of smart or digital contracts and native digital assets we should be prepared for a much more acute wave of legal contention and debate. Whatever the ultimate outcome, the bedrock for making those arguments fruitful clearly must include an agreed…

‘With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power’

  • The Orchid Privacy Network will be launched this week. As an overlay to the Ethereum blockchain it restores natural levels of access & privacy to the Internet.
  • The OXT token, which is used to purchase VPN services or provide bandwidth, was recently listed on the top two decentralised exchanges by volume: Uniswap and Idex.
  • Coinbase has announced they are also listing OXT and trading will begin imminently.
  • Orchid is led by a truly stellar team of co-founders in the form of Steve Waterhouse (Sun, RPX & Pantera), former Ethereum developer Gustav Simonsson, developer Jay…

Image credit: Paul Roberts, Founder & Editor in Chief — the Security Ledger

The instant we are born, we are unwittingly ‘communicating’ but also inherently under observation. Initially under the loving eyes of our parents, swiftly followed by a medical inspection of the midwife followed by a parade of relatives proudly contemplating the new family member. Humans thrive off observation and meticulous pattern matching — whether it is a trade based on the numbers we see on a screen or a food order driven by the smell that has hit our nose — every rational decision is taken based off data inputs we’ve subconsciously logged in our mind. …

[Firestartr, OpenOcean hosted the 4th Spark Series, a debate on crypto-economics, at UBS in central London. You can listen to the podcast from the event here.]

We messed up when we built a communist economy with shared ownership of the means of production, and a negation of incentives for free economic man.

We messed up when we built a market of capitalist communism, aggravated and magnified into the effective but pernicious ‘religion’ by technology.

Tokens of our youth

For almost 10 years the chatter has been ‘you promised me flying cars and you gave me 140 characters’. Suddenly this shifted to ‘the robots are coming, jobs are vanishing and WTF is happening to democracy’. One part of this is driven by the natural tendency of headline writers to solve for page views. It is also down to the inability of humans to differentiate exponential growth from linear and the propensity to underestimate the power of ‘boring’ or ‘trivial’ widely or ubiquitously spread.

Why should anyone care? Well, inequality is a real problem which leads to issues not just…

“They’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is it. This is the big breakthrough,’” said Marc Andreessen, the co-creator of the first commercial Web browser, Netscape, and a big investor in technology ventures. “This is the distributed trust network that the Internet always needed and never had.” (*1)

This collection of posts will try to capture our thesis on decentralisation. We will dive into the beauty and necessity of a decentralised future. A future built on almost entirely new protocol stacks that put power back into the hands of the individual and present the possibility of up-ending entire companies, industries and…

[OpenOcean held its inaugural Annual CEO Summit on 4 April 2017 in London (at a Modern Art Museum somewhere near Bankside… ) You can find a link to the Summit’s opening slides here.]

Back Story

I fell out of love with technology. There had been a time in the early eighties when I spent my weekends, nights and vacations enthralled with ‘the science’. So I leapt at the chance to participate in my first computer conference. Some genius had come up with a ‘multi-touch’ device. Not so much the elegance that is the smart phone, but instead five crude plastic buttons arranged…

A quick intro to OpenOcean

OpenOcean is a leading early-stage venture capital fund that invests in outstanding entrepreneurs launching movements to change the world. We invest in software businesses at Series A and support them throughout their entire journey. From companies like MySQL, MariaDB, Orchestream and Automic we have accumulated rich experience in business software both with super-scalable go-to-market models like open source, freemium downloads and SaaS, and commercialisation with the largest enterprises and service providers in the world. …

Richard Muirhead

Founder, Fabric Ventures; Ex: GP, OpenOcean; (Co)founder Firestartr; Orchestream (LSE/NASDAQ, ORCL); Tideway (BMC); CEO, Automic (CA). 2 amazing daughters.

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